One Litre Formula 2

Historic Formula 2 Association

For the One litre Formula 2 cars 1964-1966

There is a need to bring together both past and current drivers, owners, and enthusiasts for the one litre F2 cars. An association will further those aims and raise the profile and understanding of Historic F2. With the long term aim to have a grid of F2 cars running in a dedicated series.


That is perhaps a little in the future and initially we need to define what are acceptable historic F2 cars and acceptable engines, and combinations of same, let alone tyre choices etc etc. Consideration also must be given to existing race series e.g. FJ, and F3.


Lotus 35


The One Litre F2 magazine, produced 6 times a year, will cover the cars and drivers by means of modern and period photos, advertising, plus race reports, etc. etc.  The magazine will help spread the knowledge and information on what must be one of the very last undiscovered historic classes of motor racing.  Where the Grand prix stars raced across all the major European and British tracks producing close fought races.